Bread Pudding.

Smith Canteen on Smith Street has the world’s greatest bread pudding. I’m not sure what kind of sorcery is involved with making a so-called pudding made of bread (apparently, something like this) but all I know is that this crusty hunk of thickness looks the cronut in the eye and gives a haughty laugh. “Bah! Sissy sweet cronut!” bellows this mighty bread pudding from Smith Canteen. And in appearance, you might very well say it is the Tommy Lee Jones of the baked set. It’s got this sort of craggy, crunchy muffintop that hides a soft, tender, delectable inside (just like Tommy Lee Jones) that is at once wonderfully savory, bizarrely dense in weight and completely delicious.Bread PuddingEach week there’s a different variety available, with vegetable ingredients selected depending on what looks great at the Greenmarket that Sunday. By turns, I’ve enjoyed versions featuring fresh leeks, salty pancetta, fragrant scallions, earthy mushrooms, even white cheddar. Right this minute, they’re sporting a killer summer squash and shallot model. Look, I realize bread pudding is a weird thing to write a post about but this is more than a baked good. This is a bit of magic you’ll be smacking your lips about long after you’re done. Bread pudding, I say! Go to Smith Canteen and get one and be happy.

One thought on “Bread Pudding.

  1. I’ve tried to have some a few times, but whenever I’ve gone they’ve been sold out. Any tips for what time I need to be there to finally taste it? I have the recipe so perhaps I’ll bake some myself, but I’d love to try to the real thing first.

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