Acme Smoked Fish.

New Yorkers think they are in “the know” about most things. Aunt Shirley’s got her place to pick up the best pastrami. Uncle Larry’s got a joint for the most incredible bagels. Cousin Carla will hook you up with concert tix at MSG and her brother Jimmy…well, let’s just say Jimmy still prefers you call his beeper when in need of his particular expertise. But here’s a secret not everyone knows: Acme Smoked Fish is the only place to grab the most incredible smoky fantastic ridiculous smoked wholesale fish.acme smoked fish, green point, brooklyn, wholesale Monday through Thursday, unless you’re the fish buyer for Russ & Daughter’s, Zabar’s and other fine food retailers in the know, forget about access to Acme. But for us mere mortals, Friday morning is our only window at Acme. And so we suggest that an end of the work week morning trip to Greenpoint is an absolute must.acme smoked fish, green point, brooklyn, wholesaleLocated over on Gem Street in what is primarily an assortment of low slung monochrome brick warehouses, Acme is pretty easy to miss. No fancy entryway, and the interior is a fluorescently-lit cave of guys in labcoats and hairnets on forklifts moving palettes of gigantic smoked sturgeon, whitefish and salmon. The line of salivating customers even at 9:30am is long and as diverse as New York itself: old Italian grandmas, mustachioed dudes in satin Giants jackets, Hasidic Rabbis and 40-something hipster moms all waiting for fish.acme smoked fish, green point, brooklyn, wholesaleA makeshift display table practically groans under the weight of all the smoked delights for sale, and the staff walks you through what everything is (“this is saltier”, “this is smokier”) and even lets you taste before you buy. On last week’s haul, we scored 10 lbs. of fish and related chattel for $31.79. Hoo-ya! Isn’t it always a pure delight to learn how badly you get ripped off at your local fine foods store?acme smoked fish, green point, brooklyn, wholesaleAnd you know it’s the best stuff ever, because what you’re taking home every Friday from Acme are the same scrumptious swimmers that folks have been chowing down on from this town’s most exalted fish dishers for the last 100 years. So today is Thursday– what are you doing tomorrow morning?

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