Thanks for checking out On the Real!  As real estate brokers in New York City, we typically cover miles and miles of amazing urban landscape every day and On the Real was born out of our desire to share some of the things we encounter.

As we continued to write, we discovered that On the Real is also a place to blog about what it means to be working husbands, dads and regular guys with not-so-regular careers.  It’s about exploring this dynamic city’s modern and long forgotten curiosities.  It’s about celebrating the human ingenuity and creativity that make this relentlessly evolving metropolis tick.  And it is hopefully about the fun that can be had when your office is also your playground.

We see a lot around town, but certainly never enough.  Please send us your ideas for stories, places we’ve missed, people to meet, food to devour, what you like or don’t like…really anything you fancy.  We hope you enjoy the site, and hope to see you around the neighborhood!

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  1. I absolutely love this site! I hope to see some coverage of what NYU is doing downtown as well as some information on the goings on with the new developments in my area, which is your area Greg! Saint Brigid’s interests me as well. I saw the front door open today and caught a glimpse of the inside and it looks amazing.

    • Thank you, Juliet! So glad you like On the Real NY. We will be absolutely be writing as much as possible about the East Village and the goings on with NYU in The Village. I as well walked by St. Brigid’s yesterday evening and saw the doors open. It’s looking amazing! We talked about it a little while back here (http://wp.me/p2CahZ-1K) and certainly plan on writing more as construction nears completion. So happy to have this old friend back. Thanks so much for liking On the Real. See you soon!